From Vanderly, we are pleased to present our new website. With a clean and minimalist design, the page has a simple structure, allowing the user to identify a product that interests them quickly and intuitively.

We are pleased to inaugurate this blog, a space where we will be posting news, articles of interest and curiosities and with which we intend to improve the channel of communication with our clients.

The new version has been designed to be faster, current, practical, effective and above all includes a new design optimized for mobile phones and tablets to facilitate navigation.

The prominence of the images and a simple organization of the contents according to our products, allow the user to save time when it comes to finding what they are looking for in the new web page, thus achieving an easy and fluid browsing experience.

A modern page that provides a valuable amount of variety of costume jewelery and. that also allows us to maintain a contact with you. If any piece you liked and you wanted it to measure, we will take care of doing it, you just have to get in touch with us and the rest we will do it.